Thursday, January 28, 2016

Details, details

So I'm sure everybody wants to know: how did you even come up with the idea of El Salvador???

Well, for one thing, I didn't "come up with the idea". Actually, I had no clue where my life was heading after college. I pondered that for a very long time, to be honest. I couldn't decide if I should go back to Washington for a few months, then back to California for work or just go back to Washington and just come to visit my boyfriend during his breaks from school. I didn't know if I should try to seek for a position in my home church or another church in Washington. I had high hopes for Interview Days at my college, but my hopes were dashed when those hiring realized I was a Missions Major [they were all looking for Education Majors]. I was disappointed.

I had seen a slide about El Salvador internships during the Missions Conference that Lancaster Baptist was having. This was prior to Interview Days and I pondered the idea a bit, but I wasn't completely sure. I mean, going to a foreign country for 6 months? "Well, I *am* a Missions Major after all, but... well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to talk to them... right?"
So I did.

We talked. I got their email address. And that's where it all began.

I told my boyfriend about the possibility. He thought it would be awesome if I did get to go... After all, he's been to El Salvador a handful of times because of his family ties.

I was a little pensive, but hey, it'd be a great opportunity... So, I asked my parents to pray about it.

I told myself that if I didn't forget about it in a month, maybe I should consider the opportunity... That way, I would know for sure that it wasn't just some passing fancy...
I emailed the missionaries regardless just to get some information...

Then, I knew I had to tell my sister [I live with her and her family, after all!] so I found a calm time to tell her about it. She was so excited for me! I wasn't expecting quite so much excitement, but I guess that fueled my interest in this experience.

From then on, I just kept thinking about it. I even used El Salvador as the basis for a paper I wrote for Cultural Anthropology!

Ever since then, I've been praying, seeking some counsel, keeping in contact with the missionaries, and getting more excited every day!

As great as this opportunity is, I still have some very real prayer needs. 
First of all, I'd like to keep getting counsel from a few people, I just need to plan out times to talk to them! Pray for guidance and scheduling.
Also, a trip to El Salvador does not pay for itself, so finances is still a need. At this point, I'd rather not put out too much about finances, until I'm confident that this is where God wants me to go, but if you wish to help, I'd set aside any donations that you might consider giving. Even if I don't go, there are other needs that I know people have, including other graduating college Seniors at West Coast Baptist College.

Thank you so much for your support/encouragement during this critical time in my life! I am always thankful for the prayers of others.

God's blessings,



January 26th
Woke up at 6:30 a.m. this morning.
Ugh... I hate early mornings... Then, I realized: if I do go to El Salvador, during the week will be an earlier morning than even this! "Better get used to it and quit whining!" my thoughts say. "Good point..." the drowsy, lazy side of me replies.
It is exciting to think that in 3 to 4 months I could be "moving" to a foreign country... It'll be a lot of changes...
I remember how coming to college felt like culture shock to me since I had lived in Washington for my entire life, but I feel like El Salvador may be even more so. It helps to have a boyfriend who's been there and a lot of support from my friends and family.
Overall, I'm excited for this great opportunity and I'm sure it would be one of the most wonderful experiences of my life so far!

. . .

"If the only thing standing between you and God's will are preferences, then what are you waiting on? Go for it!"
                                              (Random thought during chapel, January 26th)

Thursday, January 21, 2016


January 4th

Early morning awakenings thanks to my nephew... But I suppose it's not too bad... I can't stop thinking about El Salvador...

I have so many questions! I've already asked most of the important ones, but now I want details.
I should ask about Internet access... Maybe I could do a blog...
I wonder if my phone will work there or if I need a new SIM card...
All of these non-essential questions... Definitely gonna let the missionaries know that they're non-essential before I ask... Don't want them thinking I'm high-maintenance ;)

I'm curious about the grocery stores there too... Alex has been there, but I think the missionary may know more, having been there so long :)

Ahhhh! I haven't been able to stop thinking about the possibilities since I got that email on Saturday night... Saturday night... How late their time did he send that??? I think El Salvador is on a slightly different time zone... I'll have to check that... 

. . .
According to my phone, 2 hours ahead... 2 HOURS!!! He was up past midnight sending me that email!!!
Dedicated, for sure haha :)

This is so awesome! I'm majorly excited and I haven't even started prepping for this! Well, I guess the next step is to talk to my pastor... Gotta schedule a time to call him this week... Hopefully he won't be too busy...

New Blog!

My Very First El Salvador Post!

Oh, what to write, what to write... I'm sure people are going to have all kinds of questions for me...
Friends and family: "EL SALVADOR??? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US???"
Yeah, I know you all so well ;)

Honestly, I wanted to make sure that I received as much counsel and wisdom as I could before coming to this decision and telling everyone about it. After all, how would it be if I made so much hype over this and decided in the end that God didn't want me to go?

At this point in my blogging (my first post), I have to say that I still don't know the answer. I'm just so excited and yet I'm still trying to use some discernment about telling people. So thus, you will see all of my over-excitement after the fact. Sorry, just the way I needed it to be.

Anyways, I'm soooo very excited about this opportunity!
I have a second post that you can read... Just some ramblings I had earlier this month about everything.
Check it out!